Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's a girl!! A 3 month old girl

So just as I had hoped the delivery was pretty nice and boring!!!

R.E.M. came (via C-section) on a Good Friday.

She was big(7lb 13oz) and tall(21inches) and chubby cheeked and oh so cute!!!

It was perhaps my best deliery yet;
I was awake for the entire thing
I got to see her right away
I was able to hold her and nurse her with in 1/2 an hour of her birth
AND I didn't even vomit!!!! (well not until after dinner at least :-{})

We were able to have R in the Fairbanks hospital, and I must say it is lovely!!
The nurse took a picture of us as soon as we checked in for my last preggy pic. (which if I ever figure out how to post pictures I'll show all of you)
M's meals (that he got to go pick up from the cafateria) were all included, and rather yummy too.
They were happy to bring me all the pain drugs I needed, as well as yummy popcicles and snacks!

It was so nice to have Grammy with us to take care of all the big kids so that Daddy could be with me in the hospital for most of the time.

I must say the boring ended when were released from the hospital.

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  1. No offence Mel but I am a picture book kind of person. :) Where are the pictures? This is Jeanna Swapp, by the way. Lyle wants to go to Alaska really badly.