Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting into the baby doctor.

So we arrived in AK, when I was 31 weeks preg.  It had been about 3 weeks since my last apt, so I was due for a check up everyone told me it would be easy peasy to get, so I wasn't worried.

BUT if you've read my last two posts  you've come to expect NOTHING was easy on this trip.

THAT is why this even merits a post, because it became a little crazy.

M came home from work and told me "I have my medical in briefing (or what ever they called it) on the 20 somethingth of MARCH"  I asked what that meant and he explained it was the day to go in and get us all set up on tricare etc.

I was a tad freaked out, that was over a month away and  well I was due for an apt any day.

I called about setting up tricare and was told I needed an apt, and if they already had one for us they wouldn't make us a new one.  This of course made NO SENSE to me.  I was prepared to just march in to figure it out, but alas that was when everyone got sick.

So the next week we went in, they were happy to do the paperwork then once I explained to them that we had NO TIME to wait.

I got a call the next day saying all was good and I could make my apt.

WELL they only have a little clinic here at our base and the primary care people see OB patients till 34-36 weeks then send them to the OB's at the post 45 minutes away.

I called the clinic and explained how far I was and how long it'd been since my last apt and all of that, they said "hum we're just going to send you up to the post as by the time we get  you in here you'd be ready to go up there"   I then explain to them that the doc was worried when I was leaving TX that the baby was slightly small, they thanked me for the info and that was that.

I waited for the call from the post telling me they'd gotten the referral ect.  Well they called me on that Thursday, (we'd been here for almost 2 weeks at this point)  they set up an apt on Monday and tell me to come an hour early with my paperwork.  THAT was annoying but WHATEVER I'd deal.

FRIDAY someone from that same office calls me back to tell me "since you are measuring small you could be high-risk, so we're going to send you of post to a civilian provider".  Now I have no problem being seen by a civilian doctor and delivering in the civilian hospital,  BUT then I called them.

They had no referral for me yet.  So I wait till Monday and call them again, still nothing.  FINALLY they get it and call me back.

They want to schedule my apt for a week and 1/2 later on the 16th of March (at this point it would have been 6 weeks since my last apt and I was suppose to have one after 3 weeks AND they're telling me I MIGHT be high-risk, how is making me wait so long useful?)

I told them how that REALLY didn't work for me and exactly WHY, they manage to find an apt for that Friday.  ("We only see new OB patients on Wed or Fri") They tell me my apt will be with a nurse, I don't think anything of it.

I get there BRIGHT and early at 8 am Wednesday morning.

My apt was NOT an apt it was a.... I don't know what meeting?

I sat at a table with the nurse (after having gone to the business office to sign over my insurance) handed her my records from the previous doc and well she was done with me.

NO vitals NO listening to the baby NOTHING.

She THEN goes to schedule my apt with the doc "her first opening is in 2 weeks"


I very kindly (with only a few tears)  inform her how everyone is saying they are worried about this baby, but here I am at what would be over 2 mos since my last apt and NO ONE CARES.

That got me an apt with the 1/2 retired doc for the following Tuesday.

All has been fine with my check ups, no one here is worried about the baby's growth everything has measured fine.

BUT  the fact that I had to fight so hard just to get an apt and if I had listened to them and waited on their time line I would have probably had an apt about a week before I was due, just really drives me crazy.

How could THAT be healthy?  I'd of then gotten a lecture on how I was irresponsibly and did not get proper prenatal care.  And to think I had a doc tell me that he didn't see people who insisted on making their own medical decisions.  WHAT IF I HADN'T???

I tell you all of this to point out more of the crazy that surrounded our getting here and getting set up here.

OHHH how I hope the crazy adventures are done!!

I hope mom's flight in today has gone smoothly and NOT adventuresome for her, I hope our picking her up is boring.  And above all, I hope the delivery of this baby is super boring, so boring I have nothing to tell you other then SHE'S HERE.

THAT is what I hope for.

I hope this is enough to hold you all till one of the kids does something amazing OR the baby comes.  ROFLOL

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