Monday, September 5, 2011

the past 4 months in a minute

OR 10 however long it takes
Let's start with R
She didn't grow as quickly as the doc would have liked so we kept going in OVER AND OVER for weight checks, even when she was growing at twice the rate for her age then still wanted to see her.
SO what finally got us out of the office for weekly weight checks?
She grew a lot and made them happy? NO
She got so cute and fat no one questioned us any more? (well yes but this still didn't stop the doc's, so ) NO
I just finally said ENOUGH? NO

Why it would be CHICKENPOX of course.

Started with P and J then when they were all better lucky R got them. She is nearly better now, and OH MY have these been the longest 3 weeks!!!! or wait has it been a month?
So far nothing on K, we plan to get him tested for immunity if he never breaks out. M never got them as a kid, he was a baby when his older bro and sis got them then at 8 or so it was the younger kids turn.  Who said there was never anything good that comes out of being the middle child?!?!?

We are in our awesome house on the base now. We moved in the last weekend of June. And are yet to be fully unpacked.

Considering when we moved in R was so so needy of my attention and needing to eat AND I was still in pain from the C-section then when you throw in all the rest I'm not surprised.

We're hoping to be settled in soon.

P is doing great she's starting into all the fun 4yo girl things. Like making up songs for EVERYTHING and wanting to be PRETTY all the time. She is always smoothing her hair and doing all sorts of "pretty" things.
She adores R.  To the point that sometimes she loves her just a lil to much.
ME-"P, why is R crying?"
P-"Sorry mommy, I kissed her to hard." "Saw-we R, I didn' mean to hurt chu. nooo I didn'"

J is my dubious boy.  He's pushing the limits but I think we'll come out alright. He's such a fast learner it amazes me.  I told him how to add double digests and he did an entire page with in minutes with out any hesitation.  I don't know how to teach a kid about opposition when EVERYTHING is easy for him....

K our dear artist!!!! So smart, and yet having such a hard time for him. Things don't come easily for him, so he figures out how to work around them.  He's truly learning HOW to think and problem solve now if we can just get him to be confident in his reading.  He's going to shoot of like a rocket soon.

NOW for the grown ups!!!!

M-aka DADDY is doing well, working HARD at work and laying the plans for other great things as well.

M-aka ME-aka MOMMY well I'm good too!!! I am so excited for the snow to come (I'm trying to not wish away the last few days of green, it's so beautiful out there!!!) I really need to figure out how to post pictures for all of  you.  I am excited for sitting inside in the cold reading with the kids and baking and drinking hot cocoa.

Trying to get into the swing of school, slowly but surly we're coming along. P LOVES her hand writing book!!  The boys not nearly as much LOL

So that's everything CRAMMED into one short post.

Wait not quite everything. G-ma M (aka S, aka daddy's mommy) came for a visit!! It was so nice to have her, but sadly we didn't get to explore and see fun things as those darn chickenpox popped up 2 days before her :(  We did get to eat a super yummy birthday cake for her though!!!!

I will try very hard to keep you apprised of our adventures!! and our borings too!!!!