Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Only 2 more months of warm

So todays high in our Texas town is 78*
and the hight in our soon to be home?  19*


Last night I was out talking to the neighbours and they were all getting jackets on as the sun went down and it dipped down to about 70*.   I could have worn one and been comfortable, BUT NO I thougth to myself  "I will just have to endure it".

The good news is we are FORSURE going to Alaska!!! We will be going there in February 2011.  The baby will be arriving in April 2011.  At least I will have my own little space heater,  but my poor children... the only one of them who even sort of remembers living any where besides Texas, well he doesn't really remember, I mean he was only 27mos old when we got here.

I must share however that I KNOW this is where we are suppose to go.
When daddy-0 called me and read me the options for him to put on his "I want to go there" list, as soon as he said Alaska I KNEW that that was what was right.  We talked about it later that night and he said he KNEW it too.
So a few weeks later when they told us we were indeed going it was sort of an "oh I knew that" not a "what" type of feeling.

I don't know what this time will hold for our family, why it's important that the Lord send us there, BUT I know that it is where we belong.

I do dread the packing up and the seding our things so close after Christmas, and the VERY long trip that it will prove to be, the not knowing what our house will be like, having to go to a new doc, at an army hospital to have the baby, but yet again I will trust that all will go well, as when you're doing what you're suppose to you will be blessed.

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